VAUCH SysMan is an IT Compliance Tool that helps Organizations track Hardware’s and Software’s.

SysMan is tool developed for

  • AMC Service Provider Companies
  • Hardware Rental Companies (Companies providing Hardware on Rent)
  • All Companies who have IT Hardware & Software

VAUCH SysMan is very beneficial for the companies or people who are into Rental business as the tool captures information of change in critical hardware such as CPU, Mother Board, Hard Disk and RAM.

VAUCH SysMan is a perfect tool for companies who wants to manage their Hardware and Software. The great features helps you to keep a track of all the Hardware’s and Software’s on which your Organization has invested. It also helps you to track AMC of all the Hardware and Software “IT Assets”.

VAUCH SysMan keeps a track of all the changes that happen on your Laptops or Desktops. VAUCH SysMan gives you report of the Hardware’s (CPU, Mother Board, Hard Disk and RAM) that is changed in any of the Systems. It also helps you track which System Administrator has changed the Hardware.

VAUCH SysMan gives information of the Warranty / AMC’s that are about to expire for any of the Hardware’s such as Laptops, Desktops, Servers or any Accessories.

You also get list of Software’s that are installed on your Laptops or Desktops.

Below are the few features of VAUCH SysMan.

1) Register as Service Provider (AMC / Hardware Rentals) or Individual Organization
2) Manage Multiple Locations
3) Manage Multiple Departments
4) Manage Multiple Designations
5) You can capture all hardware and software information’s
6) Record changes of all the critical hardware such as CPU, Mother Board, RAM & Hard Disk
7) Relocate Systems from one user to another
8) Relocate Systems from one Location to another location
9) In case of any changes of Hardware,  VAUCH SYSMan captures as “Change”
10) Manage Assets (Other Hardware such as Keyboards, Mouse, etc. & Software) based on location.
11) Manage Vendors from where the IT Assets that is purchased
12) Manage Warranty / AMC / Subscriptions of any Hardware or Software

VAUCH SysMan Presentation

*Note: VAUCH SysMan is available for free till 31st March 2019