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How to use Code VAUCH – PHP (Laravel)

Code VAUCH a Rapid Application Development Tool that reduces 30-50% of development efforts to develop any web application using Microsoft .NET MVC Web API, Angular 6, HTML5 and jQuery Ajax or PHP (Laravel) + MySQL + HTML5 and jQuery Ajax in just a click of a button. source code generator html code.

Using Code VAUCH you can generate Source Code with CRUD Operations, Dashboards, Reports, Different Layers including Web API, Business Logic, DataAccess, Model, UI, Configuration, Exception Log and Security.

Solution for UI in HTML5, Angular 4, 5 or 6, jQuery / JavaScript, UI layer with responsive design using Bootstrap and CSS.

Automatically captures logs such as Activity Log, Error Log & Debug Log.

User Access Module including Application, Role, Users (Password  History and  Encryption) & Operations.


  1. You get Total 30 Entities in Free Demo. You have to pay for additional Entities.



Code VAUCH uses database first approach, i.e. just create a table in database and Code VAUCH will generate all the other layers including API, Business Logic, Data Access, Model, UI, Configuration, Exception, Log and Security.


Code VAUCH will generate the UI layer with responsive design using bootstrap, so you can view your application in any device. Also bootstrap gives you an advantage that you can change the theme of your application in only one CSS.


Code VAUCH will generate the solution with all the latest technology, i.e. UI is generated in HTML-5 and jQuery/javascript and data is accessed through MVC WebAPI. So you can take advantage of injecting the API with any other application.


Code VAUCH generates very neat and clean code with proper comments. Also it uses the template design pattern, that can be extended for dependency injection. The code is generated in proper object oriented structure so that it can be injected with any design pattern.


Just create a stored procedure in specified schema and get your reports and dashboards ready in one click. Follow the standards provided by us to create a stored procedure and get your report with parameters and dashboard with graphical format ready.


Register with us and download Code VAUCH from free. Free download will give you 128 successful hits. Code generated for each database object [table / stored proc] considered as one hit. If you are looking forward with us then contact us for more hits.



1: Click [ Register ] link in [ Login / Register ] section below.

2: Register with us by filling simple information and get the activation link on your registered email. Click [Activate] from the email and you are ready.

3: Finally login in to your account using email and password supplied by you at the time of registration.

4: After successful login, download button will appear on screen along with the machine id activation option.