Thanks to VAUCH Invento, which has helped us track each and every inventory that are with us and at different locations. We now get complete information of how much of business we have done along with the information of the Payment that is collected. VAUCH Invento has also helped us streamline our Processes.


The Tools has helped get the live information of the Laptops and Desktops that we have given to our clients on Rent. We get complete information of the Clients Name, Locations and No of Laptops or Desktops that are live. We get all the information of the Serial Nos. of Mother Board, Processor, Hard Disk & RAM. In case there are any changes in any of these hardware’s, we are being alerted via notification.

Code VAUCH Team

Code VAUCH generates very neat and clean code with proper comments. Also it uses the template design pattern, that can be extended for dependency injection. The code is generated in proper object oriented structure so that it can be injected with any design pattern.